The UFO Network had the privilege of interviewing very well known, Swiss Producer and DJ, Croatia Squad ‘aka’ Alejandro Torres who is currently on tour! If you are interested in seeing him live then head on over and buy your tickets HERE!

Croatia Squad will be making an appearance at venues like Pepper Kitchen Bar – Garza García, MexicoCulture Club Revelin – Dubrovnik, CroatiaOutput, Brooklyn, New York, US to name a few! We HIGHLY recommend it and we can’t express enough that this Producer, YOU have got to go see LIVE  


Hey Alejandro! Tell us more about your new EP that’s just dropped? Excited to know more!

I’m more than excited to release those tracks, it’s my first EP this year on my (home – record label)  ‘Enormous Tunes’. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on ‘Deep Dish It‘ & ‘Poontang‘ – They are very different but both worth a spin.

What has been your inspiration for your latest EP?

I actually started working on those ideas during this year’s ‘Miami Music Week’. People wanna have fun on the Dance-floor, it’s all about good vibes  and rolling bass-lines. Taste my dish, you won’t regret it.. 🙂

What single night out has been the most memorable for you as a DJ/Producer? You can tell us, don’t hold back on the details 😉

I remember one particular show during ‘The Groove Cruise Festival’ when girls started losing their bras, that was just the beginning  🙂

What advice would you give to aspiring artists & upcoming producers trying to break into the cut-throat music industry today?

Follow your instinct, don’t try to fit into a box, being yourself is unique enough.


What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you listen to it?


‘Daft Punk – Around The World (the original 7’11 min. version)  is genius, Forever. My very own ‘Pop Your Pu**Y’ is one of my favorite classic productions – people still expect me to play nowadays. Check the video!

What festivals would you be most interested and pumped to perform and headline/main-stage at?

I enjoyed playing last year’s ‘Electric Forest’ in Michigan. ‘Burning Man’ is on my bucket list

Tell us about what best expresses you as an artist/DJ/Producer that is not visible in your production/music.

‘Predict The Unpredictable’

Tell us about who and what inspired/inspires you as a DJ/Producer and how you came to be?

Actually funny: I always felt embarrassed to dance and the music DJ’s played was either too predictive or boring for my taste.  That’s why i started collecting Vinyls first, this led me to DJing and to production after…  Nowadays I enjoy and appreciate listening to DJs like Carl Cox – his energy and ‘knowledge’ behind the decks (after 40 years) is of out of this world!

Humor us? 

You can’t do epic shit with basic people – hit me up while on Tour  #SquadGoals

Some food for thought or a word of inspiration for all new and up-and-coming artists and producers out there? Give some advice you wish you had received when you first ventured into the music industry?

30 Years ago Britain gave the world a Rave Culture. Look up the roots – it’s all about the spirit.

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