Kyle Denmead releases futuristic themed visual to newest single – Don’t You Tell Me

Kyle Denmead releases futuristic themed visual to “Don’t you tell me” and leaves The UFO Network in awe! Full of vibrant colors, eerie passageways, and a futuristic alternate reality; the visual captures a cinematic feel where it places Kyle Denmead as a character in a world where a person is in need of an underground simulation platform in order to stimulate the brain into finding that “perfect one”. The video changes Kyle Denmead’s character into a regular “Nobody” and takes his mind into a simulated world where futuristic vibes and Love can be reciprocated in an alternate digital dimension. The colorful and fun visual matches perfect with the songs energy and charisma, giving it an added boost to its increasing buzz online.

Check out Kyle Denmead’s video below:


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