Norwegian Magnus Foss releases huge tune “Physical” with renowned label Somn’thing Records [LISTEN]

We are excited to announce the release of Magnus Foss – “Physical” which has recently dropped with the awesome team over at record label Somn’thing Records

With a massive 800 plus gigs under his belt, Norwegian child protege Magnus Foss has grown up immersed in and around dance music and began his career as a DJ at age 10. As he’s matured, he’s learnt his craft both as DJ & producer (previously performing “Marcus Dimera” pseudonym) from a very young age playing at clubs and at festivals in and around his Oslo home. A true veteran of the EDM scene! Not only is Magnus Foss a talented musical prodigy but also an outstanding people’s person and a salesman like no other! Back in 2015 Magnus sold a whopping 37 Volkswagen cars in just 1 month, now that’s one for the record books!

Recently, he decided to further educate and focus one hundred percent on his production by taking a bachelor’s degree in songwriting & production at Høyskolen Kristiania in Norway. His young experience in dance music and newly gotten songwriting education are certainly paying off! Definitely get connected and stay up-to-date with the latest in Magnus Foss happenings, new releases and events!

Listen To “Physical” below:

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