Exclusive Interview With Dr Shiver – Producer and CEO of Art & Music Studios

We at The UFO Network had the opportunity of exclusively interviewing Art & Music Studios CEO and well know music producer Dr Shiver. 

Dr Shiver and Jegers – “Rescue Me”. drops June 12th 2018 on all digital platforms!

Bruno Carlo Oggioni, is an Italian record producer, musician, pianist, DJ, remixer and label manager. He started working in the music business in 1999, conceived his own record label, Art & Music Recording, in 2002 and opened the Art & Music Studios based in Italy in October 2012.

Check out our exclusive interview below:

Dr Shivers Exclusive Interview

  • Hey Dr Shiver! Tell us about that first track that put you on the map in the electronic scene and the journey since. We want to know about your rise to fame.

    It was Rayo De Luna, a track released under the name “Shiver Project” on a small Italian record label called “Molto Rec.”. What you should know is that I didn’t start producing electronic dance music first. Originally I was born as a pianist/ hammond player: I have been playing since I was 5 years old. Initially classic music then blues, gospel,funk, jazz (still some of my favourite genres). I then started to produce hip hop and R&B in Italy and America and after a few years I moved to the electronic/ dance scene. Today I love to produce every genre that makes me happy: from electronic to dance, from pop to R&B, from piano to film soundtracks.

  • Tell us more about your latest track “Rescue Me” – it’s quite a banger, you had us all jamming here at UFO HQ!

Glad to hear that! Thanks to David Allen, I met Jegers: they brought me a nice draft with an atomic drop idea so we started to collaborate and develop the track. I made the breakdown and the structure, together we finalized the arrangement and the sound design and i then did mix and master. What it is nice to know is that in all of my productions I try to add some live/real instruments that represent me: in this track, for example, you’ll hear my B3 Hammond organ as layer in the breakdown.

  • What single night out has been the most memorable for you as a DJ and Producer?  

No doubts it has been my debut last year at Tomorrowland Belgium: an incredible experience that made me so proud!

  • You are the CEO of the famous Art & Music Studios in Italy, and you’ve had some pretty huge names in the music industry through your doors, such as Frank Ocean and Pharrel Williams. How did Art & Music get started and who has been the most fun to have in the studio?

Everything started in 2002 when I created the idea and the concept behind Art&Music: a firm offering 360 degrees services around the music industry, a record label, a publishing company, a recording studio, a video, graphics and design company and last but not least a management company. At that stage it was just an idea and a home recording studio built in my garage, then in 2009, I finally opened the record label and publishing company and, in 2012, the Art&Music Recoding studios with all the services conceived in 2002.

Probably the sessions I found the most fun were the one with Louie Vega, where we wrapped it up with a nice jam session (Louie plays the keyboard himself) and the one with Fatman Scoop, where we got some troubles with the computer of the studio that I quickly fixed and then said to Fatman: “I’m a problem solver” to which he replied: “You’re a shit solver”, which made me laugh a lot. The cherry on the cake was the session with Pharrell Williams: the first day I was incredibly touched by the humbleness of this guy who, at the end of the session, started to clean the mess of the control room left by his own team.

The second day all of us got a break and we went out in our back garden to get some fresh summer air: the sky was very clear and Pharrell, in a very passionate way, started to talk and describe each star.

  • Give us the name of one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you listen to it?

Incredibly tough question! In my opinion, there are several tracks like this. In the dance/electronic scene I’d say “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia and “Man With The Red Face” by Mark Knight and Phunkagenda. Overall I’m in love with “if I ain’t got you” by Alicia keys, “sweet home Chicago” by the Blues Brothers, “Hit the road jack” by Ray Charles, “The trill is gone” by B.B King and mostly all of the compositions by Mozart. All of these pieces can be looped all day without having me bored but there are many more…

  • So what is in your calendar for the rest of 2018? Any special event you are super excited for?

With Art&Music Recording we have some great bangers to be released within July including a progressive masterpiece by David Allen titled “Prophet” and a smashing collab of Solberjum and Beowulf titled “Dubai”. We are also going to film a new episode of our brand new concept “Art&Music Night Live” with Maximals. In addiction I have some new releases coming up from myself. As far as gigs are concerned, on June 30th I’ll be headlining together with David Allen, the Molostreet festival in Rimini. The whole event is expecting up to 100/150 K participants so we can’t wait for that. David and I will use this event to introduce a new DJ set concept which includes live musicians appearances; for this time we are having the great Luca Marchesin at the guitar and Kristian Vivo at the percussions but July 14th Next stop will be again with David the Holi Color festival in Milan and this time we’ll bring with us almost an entire band composed by percussions, guitar, bass, brass (one trumpet and two saxophones) and me at the hammond.

  • What is your favorite venue / event and why?

I believe that Tomorrowland, Belgium is the best live event on earth in the electronic/dance scene. You can choose between 26 stages with various genres and the overall taste you have is a kind of Woodstock where you are not just enjoying a festival but a real experience

  • How do you get a track started? Tell us a bit about your production process. How long does it take you to complete a track on average, do you ever get writer’s block and who has been your favorite co-lab?

Well, there are absolutely no rules. You can start from the lead sound of the drop, from a bass line, from the chords progression of the breakdown, from the melody of the vocal…what I can say is that, most of the times, I got my ideas while playing the piano or directly in my mind. Once the starting idea is there I put my hands on the DAW and I start to develop it. Since the first idea is most likely a melody or a chords progression, I just record the midi and then start to work on a sound design. Once I’m satisfied, I move to the next session so, if I have developed for example the loop of the drop I move then to the breakdown. When all the sections are ready I start to assembly them by creating the song structure and arrangement. When done, I retouch mix and master and everything is ready ( I said “retouch” because I usually develop mix and master while doing the arrangement process since I believe that, especially in electronic music, they are a very relevant and creative element that can not be done at the end).

The average time per track is about 4 days but, also here there are no rules: it already happened several times that in one day only a track was completely done as well as It happened that i got stuck in some processes ( mostly sound design, a few times the writing part) and it took 8/10 days. My favorite collab is definitely the one I’m still developing with my brother John Christian, who is not just a friend but also my mentor and, in my opinion, probably one of the most talented producers in the world.

  • You obviously spend a lot of time being creative as a producer as well as running the studio – what do you do in your off time to unwind?

Besides music, my biggest passion is the sea, fishing and sailing. When I was a kid, I was torn between my love for music and my passion for the sea. As you can imagine, I chose to work in the music industry in the end but I still deeply love anything that rotates around the sea, reason why when I’m not playing in venues or working in the studio, you can find me on my beloved boat. Another thing that I love to do to unwind is cooking. If I can then cook my catch of the day (fish), then it’s a double win for me.

  • Name one producer or vocalist that would be your dream collab.

This one is also a tough one, since it’s hard for me to pick only one artist. As a producer, I would love to work with Axwell or Quincy Jones, as a singer my dream would be Alicia Keys or Jess Glynne

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