Rising star Rever Deep drops massive hit single – “Heart Beat” [LISTEN]

The UFO Network bring to you one of our very own! Talented producer Rever Deep ‘aka’ Brandon returns with his latest hit single “Heart Beat“. Rever Deep alongside friend and fellow producer Red Stripes displayed some of their most powerful work with their debut album “Goodbye For Now” released through label UFO Recordz earlier this year. He returns with yet another huge tune and we could not be more excited! In case you missed it, check out “Goodbye For Now” below and add to your favorite Spotify playlists:

Rever Deep’s adventurous ambition is delivered through his future bass music. Rever Deep has performed at Heart Night Club, The Hanger, Wish Night Club, Pride Fest, and is booked for Spring Break Florida Festival and Sunbreak Florida Festival. He has had multiple remix tracks performed by Diplo on his serious radio channel and his apple music station. He has also had features on Headliners music, Club killers, DJ City, Smash the Club, and DrippinLips.

Check out Rever Deep’s latest release “Heart Beat” below:

 Rever Deep - Heart BeatHumongous synths and epic leads will put you on your own adventure. Living a positive spontaneous life is what Rever Deep is all about. His fan love consists of “your music has gotten me out of my worst days” to “your music is so inspiring”. His performances are nothing less than entertaining with beautiful visuals that bring you out of reality.

Rever Deep is releasing a new single this summer along side Red Stripes under Power House Miami. This is a uplifting song featuring YouTube famous Zalman Krauss. These are two very talented producers that you most definitely want to keep on those music radars! They have accomplished so much in the industry in such a short amount of time and show no signs of slowing down. Show some love and support and get connected below!

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