This talented man’s latest banger “Lynx”, released with STMPD RCRDS, had us all losing our minds at UFO Headquarters! “Lynx” fizzes with energy and colour, its cutting-edge house sounds taking elements from electro and trance and smashing them into each other at high speed. Infectious riffs and elasticated bass combine to make for a seriously punchy ride, making this a rollercoaster of a track!

 Pioneering his own blend of electronic dance music over the past two years, Dutch producer Brooks has carved a solid name for himself with a selection of outstanding originals and remixes which have caught the world’s attention. For his contribution to the scene so far in 2018, Brooks has just picked up the SLAM! Award for ‘Best Talent’ – and he’s not stopping there.

His speedy rise to success caught the eye of international superstars Martin Garrix, Showtek, Bassjackers and Mike Williams, resulting in a string of high-profile collaborations including “On Our Own” with Showtek and “Byte” with Martin Garrix. Not only that, Brooks’ first release of 2018 was a colossal collaboration with both Garrix and David Guetta titled “Like I Do” – Brooks isn’t hesitating to throw more fuel on the EDM fire!

With artists like Martin Garrix championing Brooks as one of their favourite DJ’s for the coming year, it’s evident that this is one young producer who is destined to make a prominent mark on the electronic dance music scene. We at UFO NETWORK caught up with Thijs Westbroek, AKA Brooks and chatted Tomorrowland 2018, partying with Martin Garrix and his top gig ever …

Thanks for chatting with us! Tell us about that first track that put you on the map in the electronic scene, and the journey since.

“It’s quite tricky to pinpoint one specific track that put me on the map, so to speak, because things were a bit of a blur in the beginning. I had been grinding away in the studio for years trying to perfect my sound, and I always knew that no matter how many tracks I put out at the start, I had to carry on the momentum in order to make a difference. It wasn’t until Bassjackers hit me up for a collaboration (‘Alamo’ which came out on Spinnin’ Records in 2015) that I realised that I was really making moves!”

“Like I Do” has been a global success – Congrats! How did this collab come about, and how crazy cool was it working with David Guetta and Martin Garrix?

“Thank you! It’s my favourite track to play out at the moment – it gets a great reaction. I have actually been in contact with Martin for a few years now, we’ve been sending each other music back and forth since I started making a name for myself in the dance music community. It’s been great to finally see something through together and release a track! And of course, working with David has been a fantastic experience. He’s got the magic touch.”

Listen to ‘Like I Do’ on Spotify!

We are loving “Lynx” right now! Tell us about the track and working with Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS.

“Another favourite in sets right now! I wanted to make something real bouncy, energetic and exciting, people just go crazy to this one and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve released on STMPD twice before with ‘Byte’ and ‘Boomerang’ which were both collaborations with Martin. The team are very focused and very specific about what they like, so it’s a big pleasure and privilege to be able to be part of the STMPD crew! It’s a real family feel and we’re all very passionate about the music we put out.”

Listen to ‘Lynx’ on Spotify!

So the 2018 Football World cup is coming up in Russia, and Netherlands unfortunately didn’t qualify. Who will you be supporting now and why?

“I think the Brazilian team has some really great players, and it’s going to be super entertaining to watch their games. There are a LOT of strong players coming in to the competition this year – it’s going to make for some excellent viewing. I’ve got my popcorn at the ready.”

What one track never gets old for you no matter how many times you listen to it?

“Can we make it an album instead of one track? 😉 Eminem’s ‘Recovery’.  Absolutely incredible record.”

What have you got coming up in your event calendar this year that you are most excited about?

“Way too much to be excited about right now! I’m currently working my way through a string of European tour dates and loving every second of festival season. I’ve just announced that I’m going to be performing at Tomorrowland this year (which I’ve been bursting to tell everyone for months), so that’s probably the one I’m looking forward to the most. I’m putting together a special set for that one because there’s no special occasion quite like Tomorrowland.”

Tell us about your absolute favourite venue or event that you’ve played at, and why it is so special to you?

“Bootshaus in Cologne, Germany. Obviously one of the most iconic venues in the world, it was an absolute honour and a fantastic experience to play there. The rumours about the place are true – it’s a special type of vibe that’s unbeatable. I hope to play there again soon!”

How do you get a track started? Tell us a bit about your production process. How long does it take you to complete a track on average, do you ever get writer’s block and which vocalist has been your favourite to work with?

“I’m not starting every track the same way, and it really differs on how long it takes to complete a track – depending on the flow that I’m in. Most of the time I pinpoint one really cool element and build the rest of the track around that element. For example a vocal that’s really standout, or a specific cool sample, or an awesome melody in my head that I build a track around. Once I get that initial ‘something’ in my head, the track is built around that leading element.”

Fan question: “What single night out has been the most memorable for you as a DJ and Producer and why?”

“A while back, Martin Garrix asked me to come over to his villa in Ibiza to work on music. Afterwards, he invited me to play at his show at Ushuaia, and we partied … hard! This whole

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