House God Ozzie London Drops “The Most” Over At Somn’thing Records [LISTEN]

We at The UFO NETWORK are excited to bring to you, talented producer Ozzie London with his latest release “The Most.” The lush, emotive feel of the new single “The Most” can be heard from the start. The laid-back intro draws you in and steadily builds with crisp percussion and a thumping bass line with catchy female vocals. A house track full of sun-drenched vibes with a really cool yet uplifting feel and flow. It’s all about THAT bass line, which becomes the focal point of the track.

when you are going through hard times and it seems like there is no end to it, and there are people who are causing it or are happy you are suffering – It is at that time that you stand and hold your drink up and have a toast to those who revel in your suffering to show your strength and that you won’t give up!

Ozzie London is no stranger to the dance floor steadily paving the way in becoming one of the UK’s most sought-after producers/DJ’s. He’s released on a variety of labels including Housesession, Let There Be House, Vamos, Tropical Velvet and Club Session in a relatively short space of time enabling him to get his name out there spreading the Ozzie London sound far and wide. Recently he has been playing at many events/clubs in the capital and surrounding areas as well as starting to gig more internationally too.

Ozzie London ‘The Most’ was released on Somn’thing Records on 29th June 2018. Check out this power tune below:


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Ozzi London - The Most