Finnish Artist Perttu Drops Massive New Tune Featuring Malou “Milky Way” [LISTEN]

Seeing a release through Universal Music Germany on June 8th is ‘Milky Way,’ the new single from Finnish artist Perttu. Currently based in Berlin, the musician, producer and DJ shows his unique creativity with this breezy track, and it features Malou.

It was written in the midst of the Spanish countryside last year, after Perttu had climbed a mountain to look at the stars – leading to the lyric “meeting me halfway right across the milky way.” In a turbulent time for both himself and the world, this sight

“made me think that conflicts could eventually solved better if people would meet each other half way, no matter how far that might be – even across the milky way.”

Led by bobbing vocals, ‘Milky Way’ is a sweet yet strongly distinctive sound with shimmering melodies. Warm, infectious instrumentation is given a platform over the top of that sparkling beat, moving fluidly throughout.

Perttu has delivered 5 stunning singles for Universal so far, and shines again with this summery original. Check out this amazing tune below & don’t forget to connect with Perttu on the socials provided to stay up-to-date with the latest in new music!

Check out the official music video here:

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