FUTURECLUB Reveals Debut Single “Next Dollar” Over On RCA Records [LISTEN]

London based producer FUTURECLUB reveals his debut single ‘Next Dollar’, released via Sony / RCA on July 13. The single showcases FUTURECLUB’s trademark sound. FUTURECLUB co-wrote the song with artist Pepper Rose, who also provides the vocals.

FUTURECLUB is the alias of Noel Wayne. Originally from Leeds, he is an artist and producer who has worked behind the scenes on artists including The VampsMatoma and recently Alex Ross. ‘Next Dollar’ marks the beginning of his new solo project, with more new music planned to be released over the summer.

Check out this absolute power tune below:

Taking a more traditional approach, FUTURECLUB always starts by picking up a guitar or sitting at a piano (or the occasional Moog synth…). After crafting the melody and lyric, only then will he think about the sounds and production elements.

FUTURECLUB - RCA Records - Next Dollar

On ‘Next Dollar’, Pepper Rose says

“When we wrote ‘Next Dollar’ I imagined a broke but happy/wild and free girl who is living pay cheque to pay cheque. She’s a bit of a mess, stumbling from one good night to the next and not thinking about the financial consequences! She’s all about fun and living life to the fullest.”


“We knew we had written something special when a week later we were still singing the song! Next Dollar’s rhythmic vibe was made to set dancefloors alight and get you in that summer mood”

FUTURECLUB’s trademark ability to build energetic dance-pop tracks with uplifting hooks & urban melodies will buoy him as a stand-out producer amongst his peers; with the release of  ‘Next Dollar’ this trademark sound should be readily apparent.


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