We at the UFO Network are super stoked to be able to experience an EDM talent like Sam Feldt on our stoep and kuier with him in true South African style. Hitting Joburg, Cape Town, Plettenburg Bay, St Francis and Knysna between 14th and 22nd December, this is the hottest event of your summer!

‘Corona Chasing Sunsets’ South African Tour 2018

‘Uplifting’ is without a doubt the word that best describes Dutch DJ, producer, platinum selling artist and sustainability pioneer, Sam Feldt. Having built a career upon his distinctly feel-good sound, Sam already has a double album and a multitude of top-selling releases under his belt.

Besides his musical activities he has developed a platform – Fangage – for artists to connect with their fans better. His next project is to spearhead a movement that will help influencers adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, giving back to the planet to reduce and compensate their own environmental impact and encouraging others to do the same. Both in music and life, Sam has his sights set firmly on the future.

We caught up with Sam and got the low down on his plans …


  • Is this your first time in South Africa, and what do you plan on doing / seeing in your downtime?
It’s not! It’s actually going to be my fourth time in your beautiful country already. My first time in SA was when I was only 13 years old and it was then that I fell in love with the country. I’ve been back for shows and holidays since then and I’m so happy to be doing a full tour now. Aside from playing all over the country I’m spending Christmas in Cape Town with my girlfriend so we will definitely have a great time!
  • “Heaven Don’t Have a Name” (Feat. Jeremy Renner) is a firm South African summer 18/19 favourite already! How did you and Jeremy decide to collab?
It was set up via my publisher, who reached out to me and said Jeremy Renner could sing and he was interested in collaborating with me. I was really excited to hear that, so I reached out to him and after that he recorded the vocals in his studio in LA. We then bounced versions back and forth until we found the perfect take! We both are extremely happy with the end result and It’s great to see that the song gets so much praise across the globe.

Listen to ‘Heaven Don’t Have a Name’ (feat. Jeremy Renner) on Spotify


  • What have you got going on in the pipeline currently, any new stuff you are working on?
When I’m not touring, I try to spend as much time as possible in the studio to make new music, so yeah, there are definitely new tunes coming your way in the near future. So keep an eye out for that, I might even drop something  sooner than you think!
Next to making music and my career as a musician, I’m also very busy with two businesses that I’m running, called Fangage and the non-profit Heartfeldt Foundation that I recently launched during Amsterdam Dance Event. With Fangage we provide other companies, artists, athletes, musicians, influencers or anyone with a certain amount of reach, the perfect tailor made platform that they can use to directly connect with their fans or followers in a way they see fit without the interference of or having to pay 3rd parties such as Facebook and Instagram to reach their fanbase.  My own Heartfeldt.me fan-portal is the perfect example of Fangage in action. Since we’ve started the company we’ve added over more than 30+ new clients, who all use Fangage in their own way.
  • How’s your sustainability awareness project going, and do you think us humans are taking the right and enough steps to correct our damage?
Last year, late December, I wrote my new year resolution for 2018, where I promised to significantly address my impact on the environment and the planet as best as possible. As a travelling DJ, I get the chance to do what I love, but this comes at a cost however. With over more than 200 flights per year, I consider myself to be among the most polluting persons in the world. I knew I had to change something and do what I can to create a better world.
Early 2018, I became an ambassador of Greenseats, a company that helps me compensate my CO2 pollution and emissions due to my flights, by investing in green-certified sustainable projects across the globe. I also exchanged my old and polluting fossil fuel powered car from 1998 for a hybrid one with one of the lowest carbon emissions available. During Amsterdam Dance Event I was part of the ADE Green Panel as a speaker. This is where I signed the plastic promise, to help reduce and fight the use of plastics and I also launched my own non-profit platform called: The Heartfeldt Foundation.
Our mission is to promote a sustainable lifestyle and a healthier planet by using the reach and influence of ambassadors in the fields of music, sports and entertainment. Within 3 years we aim to enlist the support of at least 10 influencers with a combined reach of 10 million people. We hope to secure a minimum of $500.000 in funding, of which at least 90% will benefit the causes we support directly.
I’m doing as much as I can, to create more awareness on the impact we have as human beings on the planet and topics such as sustainability and what we can do to make this a better world for all of us and future generations to come. The Hearfeldt Foundation is based on our Give/ Do/Inspire/Empower model, where we strive to develop a program that influencers can use to achieve these goals needed to create awareness around sustainability and a healthier planet.
  • Anything to say to your fans in SA?
Guys, thanks for all the love over the last years, both online and at the shows. I can’t wait to give it all back to you this month! See you soon!
‘Corona Chasing Sunsets’ South African Tour 2018

Dec-14                  The Sands, Johannesburg, ZA
Dec-15                  Cafe Caprice, Cape Town, ZA
Dec-16                  Beacon Island, Plettenberg Bay, ZA
Dec-18                  Stanley Island, Plett, ZA
Dec-19                  Quaysyde, St Francis Bay, ZA
Dec-21                  The Bungalow Bar, Plettenberg Bay, ZA
Dec-22                  The Lawns on Thesen Island, Knysna, ZA

Tickets : http://www.howler.co.za


Sam Feldt Advent Calender

Sam is also hosting a give-away EVERY DAY! From goodie bags, production tips, free tracks, previews and even flight tickets/hotel AND tickets to one of Sam’s shows.
Fans can head over to Heartfeldt.me and unlock their gift everyday between 3 and 4pm.


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