New project Zen/it launches impressive new single ‘Ashamed’

New project Zen/it launches impressive new single ‘Ashamed’


Zen/it is the new project of an artist already familiar with the electronic music scene, and with latest single ‘Ashamed’, Zen/it captivates listeners with a retro-futuristic soundscape that is dark, seductive, and distinctly slick in its appeal.

Drawing inspiration from cinematic ambience, video games and a diverse array of other cultural influences, Zen/it sound is almost sinister with a scaling emotive embrace that is a beautifully cosmic!


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Displaying an accomplished production quality, ‘Ashamed’ features reverb-laden guitars that provide a sound bed of ambient textures upon retro synth elements. Swelling arpeggios work alongside a growling bass drone to give the track an undoubtedly electronica feel, supported by live drums that exhibit a rockier edge. The tender melancholic female vocal sits above the tracks musical arrangement to harmonize a thrilling final composition that will leave its listeners purring into the dark light of the neon night.

Part one of three, Zen/it’s arrival is surely one that can be met with high expectations as he embraces an unashamedly fan-boy quality within his music that draws in influences from the big screen to the comic store.

Be a part of the experience – ‘Ashamed’ OUT NOW via Sony Music.


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