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Adam De Smidt drops ‘The Juice EP’ via Ambious Records – UFO Network


For our 13th release we bring you ‘The Juice EP‘ from newcomer to the Ambious family, Adam De Smidt. With early support from Claude Von Stroke, Stupid Fresh and Vinni Da Vinci, this release is sure to get the dancefloors moving on a global scale.

Listen to ‘The Juice EP’ on SoundCloud!


The first track on the EP, ‘A Clockwork Porridge‘, is a deep and groovy track, perfect for an opening set. Next up is ‘Pink Lemonade’, progressively building with a harmonious arp melody that walks you through the track. The title track, ‘The Juice‘, is a great addition to the collection, with some deep sub bass and synthy grooves. The final track of the EP, ‘The Sauce’, is enough to get any dancefloor going with moody atmospherics, tight percussion and a bassline taking you all the way down.

As part of One Foot in the Groove and Love All, Adam’s signature “Spaceship Music” sound became a prominent addition at Cape Town’s “Home of House“, Deluxe. His quirky, fun sets journey through a range of emotions, stirring up the dance floor into a frenzy. Now, as owner of the record label Grass Is Greener Music, he continues to spread his infectious music with South Africa and beyond.

EP Tracklist

1. A Clockwork Porridge

2. Pink Lemonade

3. The Juice

4. The Sauce

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