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The Sponges EPISODE VI: The Return Of The Sponges via Box of Cats


A long time ago in a galaxy far away lived Jedi. Their job was to keep the universe safe from the ever-increasing threat of the Empire. Sadly, the Jedi were wiped out and the Empire took over the universe with its evil agenda. This left an unlikely duo from Miami, Florida with no choice but to bear arms and strike the Empire head on.

This is really just a story of House Music vs EDM and how Nik and Ryan AKA ‘The Sponges’ took the world by storm with their hybrid form of catchy disco hooks and infectious house grooves.

After their first hit record “Make It Juicy!” which garnered support from Jauz, AC Slater, Motez, Destructo, Aston Shuffle, Ardalan, Golf Clap, Marc Spence and many many more, the boys bring you their debut EP.

“I Can Dance” and “Space Funk ’75″ are both in their own rights lead singles but for you, the listener, we could not hold onto these any longer. That would not be fair. In addition to those two tracks, on the flip we have label boss Jeff Doubleu putting a dark twist on “Space Funk ’75”. A real 4am jam.

Listen to EPISODE VI Return Of The Sponges on Spotify!


Trying to convince you in a few paragraphs how unique this EP is wouldn’t be enough. It would be like trying to convince a Star Wars fan that Jar Jar Binks deserved his lead role in Episode I… But unlike Jar Jar, The Sponges are here to stay.

DJ support from:

 Jauz, Walker & Royce, AC Slater, Motez, Destructo, Aston Shuffle, Ardalan, Golf Clap, Marc Spence, Amine Edge & Dance, Wongo, Kyle Watson, Botnek, Vanilla Ace, Mercer, Kolombo, Gawp, Treasure Fingers, Sacha Robotti.

The Sponges EPISODE IV: The Return Of The Sponges is out now on Box Of Cats via all download & streaming sites

The Sponges Social Media:






Listen to ‘I Can Dance’ on YouTube!



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