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At just 20 years old, Adrien Rux is already making serious waves in the discerning dance music community with stunning quickness. Having established his name at just nine years old, Adrien Rux has elevated his clubland standing to impressive heights in a short period of time. As he gains age and experience, there’s no cap on what this young Spaniard can achieve. The harder bassline and a cinematic atmosphere to the mix create the perfect frame for the vocals, which fit excellently to finish his stellar remix.

Rux’s dark bassline and lighter top synths definitely show his signature through the song. “Trouble” marks an excellent start to Adrien Rux newly-minted solo chapter. The remix was released through Universal Music. Rux’s remix opens with sparkling synths and a tight falsetto flowing into emerging darker synth colors atop a potently crisp rhythm, provided by the trembling bass line and taut percussion. Rippling synths backed by deep orchestral accents add depth and resonance. Rux’s use of the tune’s leitmotifs infuses the music with tasty layers of shimmering hues, giving the harmonics a buff dynamism

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The progressive house element of the original remains, but Adrien Rux turns it on its head by extending the bassline and increasing the agility of the vivid colors.

The juxtaposition of a heavy, bottomless bass line against light top synth colors secures the track’s coloration, suffusing the music with residual energy, while simultaneously bracketing the vocals, which Rux tightens, infusing the lyrics with subdued tumescence and spectral sonic gestures

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