DJ Prince Cee Drops His Stanky House Track ‘Bandido’ with UFO Recordz

DJ Prince Cee’s love for house music began with the birth of the genre in the eighties. Hailing from NYC this proud Brooklyn native has been shaped by the sounds of the City. Brooklyn has greatly impacted his music love and style. His roots will always be a large influence on his art. Being Puerto Rican and Black; his diverse cultural background has helped shape a rich knowledge and appreciation for a multitude of music genres.

He listened to a lot of jazz & soul music as a child, thanks to his father (a Jazz drummer) and gained a love of all music. Prince Cee’s eclectic music taste ranges from House, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Classical, R & B, and many others.

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Growing up in NYC during his early years Prince Cee frequented music havens such as The Paradise Garage. It was at this historic venue where he met the iconic House Music DJ Larry Levan. Levan gave him some amazing opportunities.

Prince Cee carried records for Levan and even got to sit alongside him in the DJ booth and witness this legend in action. It was during these cherished moments with Levan where Prince Cee learned valuable techniques that honed his craft and deepened his love of House Music.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”-Bob Marley

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