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With the death of his former Alias Soulless Sun came rebirth. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes the sun ignites. DJ/Producer Sölus-Sun’s sound would be described as exhilarating and radiant with passion. His love for all music genres and sub genres make him diverse as an artist. His influences include Tiësto, The Beach Boys, Kaskade, and My Chemical Romance.

For 7 years he’s been working on his craft under the alias Soulless Sun. He’s released many notable underground songs like “Super Mario Bounce” and “Remind Me“. After gaining experience playing dozens of local shows he’s decided to take his craft to the next level. A few of his accomplishments are his new record label LFTD Recordings and having his most recent release “Sunset Fantasy” aired on Panama City, Florida’s 93.1FM

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Sölus-Sun has much in store to come for the year of 2019 including collaborations with famous vocalists Michaela Baranov (Australia) and up and coming artist Amy Kirkpatrick (Toronto). New EDM artist Sölus-Sun has recently released their debut Single Remember Me under his new label LFTD Recordings.

Despite only forming 12 months ago, the Canada based phenom has picked up a strong united following through a loving community from their impressive sound design techniques that matches the best in the industry. The past year has been fast paced for the Sölus-Sun, as co-founder of his new record label formed in February of 2018.

Inspired by the likes of Kaskade and The Beach Boys, Sölus-Sun takes aspects of each of their inspiration to create music that is relevant to today rather than a regurgitation of past genres. Sölus-Sun wrote through life reflections and social observations, packed full of love for his family and surroundings that matters to today’s generation, a taster of what’s to come.

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