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SKIY has built a solid reputation as a producer that plays with the most dynamic and intricate of beats. Her new track, Talking, encapsulates this trademark in conjunction with plunging melodies and a substantial taste of the club. As SKIY’s third release this year, 2019 is turning out to be a productive, music heavy year for this exciting talent.

SKIY boasts a rich musical upbringing that proudly spans Brazil, Germany and Croatia. Within these territories she grew up relishing music within various jazz and soul realms. SKIY keenly refined her musical skills at a young age through the medium of piano. Her palette of underground house and techno grew organically. Soon, this developed into a passion for creating feisty club slices with impressive, international flare.

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After years of cementing a musical personality behind the scenes, SKIY caught the attention of underground house enthusiasts when her debut sounds brimmed confidently with hard-hitting, riff-heavy, rugged house. She went on to reveal the groove-laden hit: Who Got the Keys. SKIY continued to express a love for funkier dimension within 2019’s Quiggin single. The track is an instrument slanted, sizzling slice of animated house. Soon after SKIY unleashed Flawless. The disco tinged release revived a mischievous percussion and reveled in a self-ensured vocal.

SKIY’s new house injection, Talking, demonstrates her skill for a confident rhythm that works perfectly alongside distorted, heady vocals. As she delves deeper into booming club territory, SKIY promises the inclusion of infectious melodies and jumping basslines build with the biggest of speakers in mind. Her musical articulation is conveyed with a majestic force in order to revolutionize the house music landscape. Talking is an energetic scorcher that cements SKIY as a poised and credible house producer.


SKIYTalking is out 26th April

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