Exclusive Interview and Guest Mix by Kostakis for UFO Sessionz

A producer with obsessive compulsive disorder can only mean one thing, it takes love and time for Konstantinos Karatamoglou aka Kostakis to perfect a record. However, let it be known that when it comes along it is something at the very least if not your taste, sonically dexterous.

Producers are not destined to work alone, and while focusing on their solo careers, Kostakis and Ryan Murgatroyd, production partner and best friends join forces under a few very successful guises namely Crazy White Boy. A Debut 2014 release on Get Physical with Ryan MurgatoydShamandrums gave Kostakis a quick stint in the Beatport charts and support from the likes of Solomun and Adriatique. 2015 saw their follow up single, ‘Bargain Bin‘, enter the charts and stand firm in the top 100 Deep House for weeks. Keeping the momentum through 2016 an epic remix for TMA and third single with Murgatroyd “Down Dog” solidified Kostakis‘ string of epic chart toppers with another huge underground club record.
Listen to UFO Sessionz Ep. 003 Guest Mix by Kostakis on Mixcloud!


Kostakis then started a new project, “Strange Loving” a three piece Tech House act comprising of himself, Ronald Rowley and Dakin Auret that quickly launched onto the scene and delivered some epic records with their debut remix on German powerhouse Katermukke getting a 5/5 from Pete Tong himself. Strange Loving continued some epic success with releases on Universal Records and Sony Music.

Still taking the reigns as head producer of Strange Loving, working on the Crazy White Boy project and DJing nonstop under both well-developed brands, Kostakis begun releasing his Solo material first up a rework of the classic record “Sweet Lullaby” by Deep Forest. Sweet Lullaby dominated the Beatport Charts yet again and received the ultimate accolade of finding its way into Solomun‘s epic DJset on the coastline of Israel’s renound Nitzanim Beach.
A remix on Poesie musik for Ukrainian artist Cherry selected as BEST NEW PROGRESSIVE HOUSE on Beatport gave Kostakis his last little kicker to end 2018 and give him the confidence to keep on pushing his solo career.
Exclusive Interview with Kostakis


  • Whats the Best thing about what you do in the Music Industry?

Everything, haha – I just love making music and having the freedom to make whatever I like.

  • What single night out has been the most memorable for you as DJ and a producer? And what is your favorite Event to play?

It would have to be the very first Solomun + 1 with Ame as his first guest at Pacha Ibiza. Its difficult to say but in this country it would have to be Modular in Cape Town.

  • How do you get a track started? Tell us a bit about your production process. How long does it take you to complete a track on average, do you ever get writer’s block and who has been your favorite collab?

Everyday is writers block and every track feels like it never goes anywhere…. But then something just clicks… its the same thing every time. I will always start with a kick drum and messing around on a synth or one of my toys. It often starts with the Dave Smith and Pioneer collab synth the Toraiz AS-1, this little piece of gear really gets the ideas flowing quickly. I find the core of a track happens in the first 1 hours if nothing happens then its probably time to scrap it and work on something else. I also often find that pulling a sample from somewhere and writing around it possibly a vocal or something then removing it after…. This helps alot with getting the vibe going.

  • What is your Spirit Animal?

A Leaping Lemur.

  • Tell us whats in Store for Kostakis / Crazy White Boy / Strange Loving ?

Right know its all about Kostakis for me…. We have spent so many years on other projects I want to concentrate on myself for a while. Having said that Crazy White Boy single is on the cards for Ryan and I sometime later this year.

Enter 2019:
Kostakis starts the year off on a more experimental tip remixing South African artist “Bantwanas” record “Ngoma” gaining early support from Roger Sanchez, Animal Trainer, Ben Pearce, Eli and Fur and White Square.
The release schedule for 2019 will see a host of new remixes and originals on labels Chapter 24, Katermukke, Bantwanas Kollektiv, Get Physical and Swoon.
Lastly there is a rumour of an album dropping.. But First, check out his latest track ‘Xerxes’ on Beatport!
Xerxes‘ conjures up the dusty, mysterious and impenetrable planes of the desert. Meanwhile, Acumen returns to the imprint in collaboration with Pontias. Shower for Hours is a pumping, techy number bound to get the dancefloor bouncing before opening out into a euphoric peak.
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