Katile kicks off her summer on a high note with her new single ‘For You’

Born and raised an hour’s drive from a mall or movie theater, Katile (pronounced Katie Lee) was often left to create her own entertainment with friends—performing songs and dances for her family.  Fortunately, her single mother wholeheartedly got behind her interest in the arts and encouraged her to hone her craft. “Performing was the one thing I loved more than anything else.  I felt like it was what I was supposed to be doing,” says Katile.

She quickly landed her first professional gig performing aboard Carnival Cruise Lines, singing every genre she could. Possessing a gambling spirit, she later hit land waiting tables at the Cutting Room in New York City and within a month met producer Matty Amendola sitting in on the drums with Adam Levine. At the right place at the right time, Katile found a producer with a shared vision of her evolving craft.

Katile released her debut album “Don’t Go Away” in July of 2015. Produced & co-written by Matty Amendola. Amendola also brought in Grammy Award – winning engineer Butch Jones and special guests Jody Porter (Fountains Of Wayne) and Grammy Award winning super-producer and singer Mark Hudson. Additionally, Vinnie Zummo (session legend/Joe Jackson Band)and well-known Brooklyn R&B musician, Andy Attanasio. Matty says, “It’s a true testament to her talent and potential for these legends to want to work with an unknown artist on their debut album.”


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Katile – ‘This single is really personal for me. My inspiration came from me being super honest with myself. I have a huge fear of losing people close to me, and as a defense mechanism I have had a bad habit of pushing people away before they have the chance to hurt me. The song is really me recognizing that, and then saying that I’m going to be different “For You”

Katile made her return to the studio immediately following that fall. Simultaneously writing and recording again, she obeyed her instincts, organically developing a seductively sinful groove combined with a lyrical sense of triumph, ultimately birthing her new EP, “Real Religion.” Along with a music video to the tittle track, directed by Andy Strohl and Matty Amendola.

Katile has now partnered up with world-wide renowned drummer and producer Mark Eckert to perfect her developing sound as an artist and continue perusing her passion for music.

Fresh off the success of her last single “So Caught Up” (which currently is sitting with just over 130,000 streams on Spotify) Katile continues to uphold her “Euphoric Vocals and Infectious pop” to start off this summer on a high note with her new single “For You”.

Katile is currently performing regularly in NYC, where her performances have garnered her a recent interview with NY1 news, and mentions in The New York Post, Page Six, Hollywood Life, Bravo & Time Out NY.

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