Joseph Julien Asks You To Zone Out and Use Your Imagination with ‘Lyaz’

Joseph Julien is an Electronic Music Producer from Canada and a  Former member of (Danzfolk). He specializes in Synth and Base.
His Inspirations are 80’s synth, Progressive house, Synth driven leads and Analog Baselines.

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Joseph Julian – “Lyaz is a track I made in my head. The name was literally shot to me randomly by a buddy of mine (axel). I liked the way he misspelt Liars and I wish I had a better story for it. The track itself was composed on a night drive down the parkway in Ottawa my hometown, it was the journey home that created the rest of this song.”


“Only street lights guided the two lane road from downtown to my home with no one on it. Hummed out the melody and the rest flowed. My music is not intended to make you head bang and go crazy but to zone out and use your imagination to make your own music video in your head, to find your own peace like i do when I write.”

“To push you to imagine, thats all. No harm, No foul.”


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