[PREMIERE] Wankelmut Remixes ‘Walking on Fire’ by Rilan and The Bombadiers

Rilan & The Bombardiers is a band from Haarlem (NL) formed around the artist Rilan Ramhane. These exceptional musicians skillfully combine Pop, Soul, Funk and Rock. In combination with Rilan Ramhane‘s extraordinary voice they create a sound that does not seem to be from this world.

The song Walking on fire was released in 2016 and is one of their most personal songs.
Contrary to what is commonly known, the interest for this song has grown from year to year. Pretty early on NETFLIX decided that Walking on Fire would not only conquer hearts but would also touch souls, which is why it was featured in multiple Netflix and FOX productions like Shooter”, “Rosewood” and “Shut Eye“.

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Due to the deep meaning of this song and the steadily increasing interest a remix, by one of Europe’s most famous DJ’s WANKELMUT‘, has now been created.

The song will be released on May 24th this year and is only the beginning of a collaboration between the two artists and the start of a new era, one to which we should all stay tuned.

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Listen to ‘Walking on Fire’ (Wankelmut Remix) on YouTube!