Philadelphia-based Electronic artist Noona drops ‘Makes Sense’

‘Make Sense’ by Noona is a song written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by me (Noona). ‘Make Sense’ at first glance seems to be about someone imploring their lover for emotional equilibrium but, in reality, it is about me trying to consolidate my identity as a Korean with my identity as an American. It is about me wishing for my two identities to balance out in my everyday life.

The push and pull of everyday life as a Korean-American was and still is difficult for me in both spaces. In America, I am a person of color, already condemned by the nature of who I am. In Korean spaces, I am not Korean enough. This song was my figurative and literal attempt to condense the two into a fabric of sound. I sing in English, but all of the field recordings used in the song are from Korea (ranging from Korean birds to Korean radio static).

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Noona is a Philadelphia-based electronic artist that combines ambient music with progressive pop music structures. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Noona started studying classical piano from the age of six and did not begin venturing into other musical genres until around high school. Their love and interest in pop music and electronic music led to the advent of their ventures into production. 

From there, Noona released a slew of singles on their SoundCloud before releasing their EP ‘Rebecca’ in the 17th of April in 2019. Inspired by artists such as Debby Friday and Shygirl, ‘Rebecca’ is a sonic exploration of the social subservience expected from Asian people in the United States. They are now working on their first full-length album, expected to debut in the spring of 2020.

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