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You could start by being enthusiastic as a little young musician and using a cassette recorder to record your favourite music on the radio, or knowing your big sister’s record collection inside out, I was influenced by electronic music early on, my favourites were Kraftwerk or Jean-Michel Jarre and others. 

Later the New German Wave with its numerous facets.At some point I was very taken with Depeche Mode, some time later the breakdance fashion wave gripped me, whereby I never danced to this style myself.
The red thread of my musical interest went on and on through my life, my record and CD collection became bigger and bigger.The 90’s came, and so did the techno and trance time I enjoyed to the fullest.

There was also a time when music wasn’t so important anymore, but just other things, you grew older….. After a long music and party break, I visited some hip clubs in my area, and wondered about this strange beat in the music I heard there,and asked the DJ, say, what kind of music genre is this? He looked at me in amazement and said ”House ,,’. Okay, I said to myself, House you remember somehow differently.
The longer I listened to that beat, the more I liked it.

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I wandered through many clubs in my region and talked to numerous DJ’s, and discovered my passion for making music and mixing. The first equipment was purchased and music was made for me at home, then for friends.It crystallized out that what I did there went down well with my friends.

Over time I got to know some nice DJ’s on my club tours,and suddenly I stood behind the players / turntable, and could finally show it to the audience what you have learned.That was one of the most beautiful moments in my life, and from then on I was almost addicted to inspiring people musically.My experiences and mine can grow and grow,until suddenly I got the offer to make music as a resident in a well-known club in Krefeld, the legendary Königsburg.

To this day nothing has changed in my small search, I just can’t let it go, and have such a joy when my audience enjoys my music selection.
Also when it comes to music production I slowly but surely try to gain a foothold.
I have just released my first album `Stockholm Syndrom`.

DJ :
Resident at 360 GRAD Bochum : With Minimalistic Arrangements
Resident in the Königsburg Krefeld : House and Dancefloor

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