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Spaceboss is a 20 year old DJ/Producer who resides in the deserts of Tucson, AZ. She has been hugely passionate about Electronic Dance Music for as long as she can remember, discovering very early on her captivation with the music and the culture as a whole. Seeing Skrillex at just 15 years old, shortly after she found her purpose in life in music.

Currently a Junior at the University of Arizona studying Psychology, Spaceboss only started mixing herself in January of 2019, when she received her first board for Christmas as a gift from her parents. She taught herself to spin by immersing herself in the DJ culture on her college campus immediately and getting behind decks to practice whenever she got the chance. Only 3 months after she started, she received her first gig offer from a fraternity on campus, and since has played multiple fraternity houses and bars. She is looking forward to her junior year, many more gigs, and most of all to start making music of her own!

Listen to ‘Intergalactic Bass Volume 1’ on Soundcloud!

Spaceboss – “Intergalactic Bass Vol. 1 is my very first mix. With the help of some awesome friends, I finally have something to share with all you dubstep lovers that I am so proud of!! I have been imagining what my first mix would sound like for months, and I can’t believe it’s finally come together! The inspiration for this mix came from all over the place, I love EDM of all kinds, so sometimes it’s hard to zone in on one subgenre and make it sound cohesive. I like to imagine my mix is what I would want to be listening to while trapping around outer space in a space ship… I love wonks and wubs and lots of bass. Some artists featured in my mix include Liquid Stranger, Kompany, Subtronics, Midnight T, Uber, HE$H and many others. “

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Intergalactic Bass Volume 1 Tracklist

Crack // Nitti Gritti

Welcome to Mayhem // PhaseOne

Firewall // Kompany

Welcome to the Fire // Slander & Sullivan King

Senpai // Boogie T x Subtronics (He$h x Bommer Remix)

Spaceboss // Liquid Stranger

Get High // Oliverse

Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites // Skrillex

Take Me Up // Myro & Bar9

Behemoth // Svdden Death

Cringe Control // Dubloadz

Omega Robot // Space Jesus x Subtronics

Extraterrestrial // TYNAN x Kompany

West Coast Wobble // Subdocta

Pray for Riddim // Virtual Riot

Thunderdome // Subtronics x Squnto

Shape Shifter // Midnight T

BZZRK // Svdden Death x AFK (Ubur Remix)

Take it All // Kompany

Wook Blaster // G-Rex

G-Shit // Excision (Badklaat Remix)

Welcome to Heck // Ubur (Svdden Death remix)

Hoods Up // Excision (He$h Remix)

Apocalypse // Gdubz

Flying Octopus // Rezz

Tell em // Dirt Monkey Interstellar // Excision

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