Cadenza Drops ‘Flow’ Remix EP with Ambious Records

Ambious Records : “For our 17th release, we rounded up a few new faces and invited them to experiment with re-inventing the euphoric release by Cadenza. With support already coming in from Progressive World, Unders, KISS FM, Animal Picnic, Tom Zeta, D-Compost, Tomorrowland, Moosefly, Max Graham & Soul Button, this EP has already started sweeping across dancefloors globally. “

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David April kicks things off with a fresh perspective on Fire, stripping the multi-faceted original down to its core before building it back up with a unique groove and pure organic percussion.  Dast & Dylan wastes no time taking us through a deep journey with their remix of Ripples. Subtle hi-hat rhythms lead the groove, accompanied by a forgiving chord progression – just another example of their unique mixture of tones. Lastly, Kostakis turns the entire EP on its head with a dark, percussive take on Ripples – one that oozes emotion and is strictly designed for the dance-floor. 

EP Tracklist

Fire (David April Remix)

Ripples (Dast & Dylan Remix)

Ripples (Kostakis Remix)

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