JINXSPR0 Drops Future House Banger – ‘Break’ – UFO Network

Melvyn, or better known as JINXSPR0 is Indonesia’s fresh prodigal export, representing one of the country’s finest at the mere age of 21. With a background in video and audio producing, he’s taken the EDM scene by storm; with signature Sidechains built within a unique melody take on the Future House world. 

Currently living in San Francisco, California to pursue his education and career. Was Featured in a few Independent Online radio stations as a growing artist in Summer 2017.

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Break is a future house track with 2 different emotions on the drops, the first drop is very uplifting and high-tempo to energize you up, while the second drop is pretty similar to the first drop, the melody was designed to calm you down and slow your tempo from the first drop.

The track was inspired by breaking away from daily routines, whether it’s your work or school, you will need to try something new and unpredictable sometimes to freshen up your mind. Breaking away from a boring everyday loop to experience and discover something new every day that could lead you to a new opportunity!

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