M4SONIC Releases New Track “STAY” ft. Emerging Adelaide Artist, MYLKI

EDM powerhouse, M4SONIC is back again with the release of his latest track, “STAY” ft. MYLKI. The track is the second collaborative work between M4SONIC and emerging Adelaide artist, MYLKI.

Just months after their last collaboration, M4SONIC is back with MYLKI, and he’s got huge plans for the remainder of 2019.
With a plethora of new tracks with MYLKI and other talented electronic artists on the horizon, M4SONIC is far from slowing down.

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“STAY” is the follow-up track to MIDNIGHT“, which the pair collaborated on earlier this year. The track will add to M4SONIC’s impressive discography, which includes a number of collaborations like the viral sensation The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)” that he co-produced with Ylvis.

The song aims to empower listeners, with the lyrical content discussing MYLKI’s own emotional journey to finding her feet in the electronic music industry and taking risks to pursue her passion for writing and performing.

“I think this song to me is really just inspired by lots of different emotions I was feeling during that time frame in my life and it bled out in my lyrics.” MYLKI says.

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M4SONIC, known personally as Nick Boundy, is an Australian electronic music producer who was previously signed with major record label Ultra Music (a subsidiary of Sony). Since bursting onto the scene in 2012 off the back of a successful self-made YouTube video for his track ‘Weapon’, M4SONIC has seen wild success in the electronic genre.

Inspired by artists like Kaskade, M4SONIC has produced a number of hit tracks, racking up over 2 million Spotify plays.

Throughout his impressive career, M4SONIC has toured extensively across the globe, played major festivals including Warped Tour, Tomorrowland and Stereosonic. M4SONIC has also co-produced songs like the viral 2013 sensation “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)”.

But actions speak louder than words, and with over 500,000 Facebook fans and more than 90 million plays on Youtube, it’s clear that M4SONIC is a force to be reckoned with.

The amalgamation of his creative energy and his technical knowledge from over a decade of classical music training has given M4SONIC an edge in the crowded electronic music scene. From gaming soundtracks to pop music, M4SONIC has mastered it all.



MYLKI is the creative solo project of Adelaide Artist, Lisa Goldsworthy.

From the time she was gifted a guitar at the age of 13, MYLKI has been writing her own music and working towards becoming the creative powerhouse she is today. With a strong technical knowledge that comes from years of training, and a creative flair that one can only be born with, this emerging artist is ready to take the pop and dance world by storm with her unique sound.

MYLKI began cutting her teeth in the punk rock scene at the age of 18, previously performing vocals in a number of alternative bands throughout her career.

Now, MYLKI has evolved her sound and begun focussing on pop and dance genres as she perfects her singing and songwriting craft. She has already collaborated with a number of electronic artists, and has plans to expand this catalogue of music throughout 2019.

With a unique, dynamic and versatile voice, MYLKI can easily adapt her diverse vocal range to suit a wide variety of music genres seamlessly which has led her to the exciting solo project – MYLKI.

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M4SONIC – Stay ft. Mylki is OUT NOW! via Global League.

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