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ED.E (Eddie Edwardson) has been dabbling in music since he was old enough to hold a record. Although technically Canadian, Eddie Edwardson grew up in Minneapolis, listening to a wide variety of punk music – artists such as NOFX and the Descendants ruled his playlists. In time, he began to expand to different styles. Fueled by his Uncles increasingly massive rock collection, Eddie began his own, pulling from hundreds of different artists. There was no question he would eventually stumble onto the music style he now represents House and Techno..

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About Days Go By Remake: Eddie went in on the enormous classic Days Go By and roughed it out with a dirty riff for the groove and a vocal that sounds submerged under water. A nice building stomp of a lead intro, along with an additional bridge at the end for the DJs will ensure this one gets caned. The Old School will revel in the nostalgia, while the Nu School will eat up the filth of this darker reimagining.

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