Dan McKie Drops New ‘Eight Zero #22’ EP & Exclusive Interview

Dan McKie can now add Steve Lawler, Roog, Claptone, David Morena, Gene Farris and Marco Carola to his growing list of supporters, as his four-track EP ‘Eight Zero #22’ drops Friday September 27th on 1980 Recordings.

A sumptuous, full-bodied collection of underground minimal and tech house, the four cuts – ‘3.01’, ‘44km’, ‘Papi Tiburon’ and ‘They Call Me Danger’ – showcase McKie’s growing ability to produce dark and dirty dance floor killers that are as grimy as they are gorgeous.

Heads down, hands up minimal house, the warping basslines and squelching acid synth accents of ‘3.01’ create a popping, punching dynamism that McKie deftly suspends midway for a darker, more ethereal segue. ‘44km’ drives, almost literally; sound FX flashing by with the hypnotic rhythm of lights on the freeway, an unconscious sense of movement masterfully replicated in the mix. McKie ups the relentless sense of pace on ‘Papi Tiburon’, a pared down track that sees its chugging energy gradually build in pace. The most vocal cut of the four, synth stabs and syncopated cowbells give ‘They Call Me Danger’ an instant rolling motion that McKie intersperses with only the slightest flutters of vocal drop. There’s a playfulness in his production here that goes up against the weightier, undulating, central beat of the track, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and suspense inside the composition.

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  • Tell us about that first track that put you on the map in the electronic scene and the journey since. How did you get started?

“Technically my first track I put out was in 2003 and it was as part of a DJ/production duo but the first track I put out as a solo artist in 2007, all produced from myself including mastering :-/, was on David Lara’s label Suburban Tracks. It was a track called ‘Cry Cry’. It was vey much a sound of then and to the max of my abilities then. Hopefully in 12 years I have developed my sound to a much better ability & quality now. Fingers crossed, ha.”

  • What single night out has been the most memorable for you as a DJ and producer?

When I was based in Ibiza in 2013/2014 I was a frequent attendee to ‘We Love’ at what was ‘Space Ibiza’. I had many a great night most notable probably the closing where we went on to Pikes afterwards. I’ve also had a few great Halloweens in Ibiza, true hedonism. Then I have DJ’d on a beach in Chania, a greek island & most recently I really enjoyed a gig in your native South Africa in Durban for ‘Drop The Bass’ at Kulture.

  • What tours / residencies / upcoming events do you have in the pipeline that we mustn’t miss out on?

I will be attending ADE, as I do every year. I have two dates booked in at Paradisco at BusFood in Barcelona, which should be fun, it’s a old london bus with an outdoor terrace. Just been booked for the winter season in Arinsal, Andorra once a month & for a new event there in March. I have a few TBC dates of which I don’t want to jinx 😉

  • How do you get a track started? Tell us a bit about your production process. How long does it take you to complete a track on average, do you ever get writer’s block and who has been your favourite co-lab?
I just start like many producers do, with a beat, then a bass and add groove, then the melodies and hooks come after that, I like to have a groove first which I can listen on repeat without getting annoyed or bored with it. Once I have all elements in place I build the arrangement, I am usually pretty quick at doing arrangements. Once the basic arrangement is in place I listen through and delete parts (this is a great skill to learn to delete parts which don’t need to be in certain parts of the track) and add atmosphere & FX. 
Tracks on average take me anything from 2 to 8 hours to complete as I am a great believer in if you work on a track for weeks & months you don’t know if it’s good anymore, make it get it mastered and move on. 
Of course I get writers block, I also get demoralised too because of so much negativity in the music industry so I distant myself from making music for a month or so and then get back into it when I have had a rest from it. 
I have had a few good collabs from Luca Lento, Bump was a good track, with my good friend Dimitry Soul of which we just released a 2 track EP on Roger Sanchez’s , to a few tracks I am currently finishing with Thomas Gandey (Cagedbaby), Kees, Luis Meza, They should be signed up and released very soon. I am always open for collabs as I love to see what 2 creative minds sound can create.
  • Give us the name of one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you listen to it? 
I can’t just pick one. 
Orbital – Halycyon On On + Roger Sanchez – Another Chance + Playgroup – Number One + Metro Area – Mirua + Michael Jackson – Billie Jean + Fleetwood Mac – The Chain. I could go on forever, there is so much good music in the world. 
This is like asking for our top ten favourite films… impossible!

Talking about the new EP, McKie said: “I wanted to join the plethora of talent I have signed to the artist EP series on my 1980 Recordings so I delivered 4 tracks of equal dirt and grit. One of them is very tongue in cheek as it nods to a song all parents of any under 5-year-old will know, I won’t say much more than that ha. Hopefully the techy techno sound and vibe will grab listeners’ attention”.

With last week’s release ‘Old Skool New Kool’ release still making waves with the likes of Anna Lunoe, Oscar G, Treasure Fingers and Kryder, the UK producer’s profile has been steadily rising over 2019.

Eight Zero #22’ looks set to build even further on that growing reputation.

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