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South Africa Headquarters - 4 Lynx Road, Durban, South Africa.

Sweden Offices - 11 Klostervägen, Helsingborg, Sweden

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Kevin Maze is a DJ and producer from Amsterdam with a focus on creating killer tech-house music. His sound is punchy, diverse and contemporary, making for quite a special tone, filled with excitement, great melodies, and punchy rhythms.
Kevin is definitely the hands-on type when it comes to his work. As an independent artist he releases all of his ow music and visuals through his self started record label, Tech Maze Records!

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With gigs at various venues and festivals like: UltrasonicNL , Club Pannama (Amsterdam), The Harbour Club (Amsterdam) , ClubNL (Amsterdam) and The Box (Ibiza)
His sets are described as uplifting, punchy, energetic.

As a radio host he’s doing his own shows on Amsterdam’s Most Wanted (NL) and DataTransmission Radio (UK).

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Listen to ‘Rewind’ on Spotify!

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