Cairo Liberation Front Drops ‘Basha’ Off Their Eurabia Vol. 2 EP

After the release of Eurabia Vol. 1 Cairo Liberation Front are back with a new volume of their Eurabia series, featuring their new vocalist Bagdaddy. Eurabia Vol. 2 introduces a unique collaborative approach to modern-day Middle-Eastern electronic dance music.

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Cairo Liberation Front (CLF) was started by Yannick Verhoeven and Joep Schmitz; two geeky, somewhat naïve Dutch devotees of Egyptian electro-cha3bi. This highly infectious music –originated in Cairo – prompted the duo to assemble tracks and create mixtapes. The goal: to promote electro-cha3bi to the rest of the world. CLF’s mixtapes rapidly gained recognition from international media such as The New York Times and The Guardian. As it turns out, their love for electro-cha3bi was just the root of their own musical journey. The duo became inspired to compose and create music, which first resulted in Nymphaea Caerulea (Höga Nord Rekords, 2017) where they joined forces with US based psych producer Al Lover.

Besides the effort in the studio their live shows caught on quickly as well, with electrifying sets at festivals such as Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), Best Kept Secret (NL), Dour (BE), Pukkelpop (BE), Fusion (DE) and Plisskën (GR). In addition to follow their giddy quest to spread cutting-edge Middle-Eastern sounds, CLF initiated Eurabia; a self-curated club night inviting groundbreaking artists like Rizan Said, Islam Chipsy, Maurice Louca and Acid Arab. While Eurabia originally came from a dystopian theory, which believes the Arabic culture is here to takeover the Western society, CLF is positively embracing the emerging of different cultures.

On Eurabia vol. 1 (Byrd Out, 2018) Cairo Liberation Front introduced the world to vocalist Bagdaddy, who led the charge for tracks Tilly and Atash. This fiery punk, born in Iraqi and raised in the Netherlands, never sang in her native language before. These songs gave her incentive and space to express her own personal experiences and emotions. This collaboration let them to team up more frequently, in the studio as well on stage. Bagdaddy’s attitude connected to the values and believes of the collective’s DIY-ethos, so joining CLF felt obvious. Becoming a three-piece group led to a new chapter of CLF’s journey. During the live shows new ideas arose, which resulted in Eurabia vol. 2. On this new record CLF experiments with new sounds, while not forgetting where they came from. For instance on leading single Basha, a track which reminds of UK dance acts such as The Prodigy and Basement Jaxx, while the unheard-of vocals of Bagdaddy ensured a unique approach to electronic Arabic dance music.

Though its sample size is small, Eurabia Vol. 2 offers a sprawling glimpse in CLF as an original, freethinking and tirelessly exuberant musical collective. It is built equal parts on collaboration and friendship, as well as exploring the endless possibilities of forging together mentalities that could not be further apart in their execution, dovetailing everything into open-minded but well—honed production values.

Listen to Eurabia Vol. 2 EP on Spotify!

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