Sideglide Spoils Us With Some Melodic Techno And Heavy Bass

Sideglide is coming at you with a brand new release ‘ACTH’ (sound combine elements of melodic Techno with heavy bass). His vision from the beginning of the process was to create a mysterious track with unexpected transformation elements, to suck the listeners into a feeling of a long trip with unexpected events. That’s why he decided to call this track ‘ACTH’ (Adrenocorticotropic hormone) This hormone released adrenaline from our brain when we’re surprised. For Sideglide this was the best way to describe the journey of this track.
ACTH released for free download and it’s reached the #1 spot in the most popular site for free download music site ‘‘!
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Aviran a.k.a Sideglide is a DJ and music producer from Israel. Sideglide sound combines various elements of Deep-House, Tech-House, Techno and Psytrance. Producing music with deep powerful bass-lines and energetic groves loved by clubbers.
UFO Network – “Sideglide delivers on ‘ACTH’. The track transcends you into another dimension with its slick beat and timeless synths, we loved it so much we have added to all our favorite playlists here
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