Exclusive Interview with Azgard & Their New Dubstep Fueled ‘Enforcer’ EP

AZGARD is an artist duo from Chicago, founded by Matt and Kevin. Each member has decades of musical background in their blood dating back to the days of their childhood. Matt as a young boy, grew up playing piano, guitar, bass and drums. Kevin was state champion for three years in all of symphonic orchestra and has a percussion background dating back to the age of four. Collectively, Matt & Kevin have utilized their knowledge of music theory, instrumentation, recording arts and have implemented this set of skills into their own unique brand of electronic bass music.

The Enforcer EP is the perfect concoction of dark and heavy dubstep merged with a touch of psy. AZGARD recorded distinctive sounds, real rock kick drums layered with punchy snare hits, crisp cymbals, high screeches and brain melting saw basses, AZGARD was able to put their creative minds to the test. All voices are organic in this EP, recorded in their studio, massively effected with a variety of plug ins and demonic style fx to produce a darkened vibe within the track Enforcer, the single off this EP. The second track on the EP titled R.I.P. will undoubtedly “f*** with your mind.” To send it off, AZGARD and TWO ATTICS collaborate on HUMANITY to bring forth that original sounding dubstep mixed with an outrageous second psy drop that shakes the earths core. It is imperative that one must listen to this EP, but it is also advised to proceed listening with extreme caution.

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AZGARD – Enforcer




  • Tell us about that first track that put you on the map in the electronic scene and the journey since. How did you get started?

We both really saw a change when we were making bass house music two or three years ago and we released Be A Menace on Digital Empire Records VIP. That single hit the   top 100 Electro House charts on Beatport.com ranked up to #56.  This was the first time we had seen the charts and opportunities began to follow not to long there after.

  • Tell us about your latest project – ‘Enforcer’ EP

This EP was one for the history books for us Darren. Enforcer EP currently is ranked #1 on Dubstep Top 10 Releases on Beatport and also ranked at #40 on Top 100 Worldwide Releases. It surely is making headway on SPOTIFY as well. The single on the EP is Enforcer that runs with the catch phrase “Prepare to meet your maker”, being that it is the pre drop   vocals in the song. Our collaboration track humanity with TWO ATTICS, we merged deep into the melodic dubstep & psy trance genre of sound. This was a riot of a collab, the time spent in the studio on this with Sam came almost like second nature to us three. R.I.P is very dark and mysterious, yet brings all elements together blended exquisitely to create a    unique edge to the dubstep game.

  • What single night out has been the most memorable for you as a DJ and producer?

I think we are torn between last year when we got booked on Spring Awakening Music Festival 2019 or when we were booked to co-headline with TrollPhace up in Detroit, MI in 2019 for Bass Theory @ Leland City Club. That adventure was absolutely priceless, and the love that Detroit shows for regional artists is above the norm.

  • Tell us something we wouldn’t normally find out about you.

Its not too known that we were both adopted at birth, we a both work together for a family operated plumbing company, and we mutually own AZGARD LLC in Illinois.

  • Give us the name of one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you listen to it?

We think we have to go with Virtual Riot – Sugar Rush (Barely Alive Remix). This one we keep coming back to, and occasionally even throw into our sets

  • Dream collaboration and why?

Excision or Seven Lions would be an utter dream for us. We have supported both of these artists from the beginning of our journey, purchased all of their music, played their music out at shows of ours and have travelled across the United States to attend both of their events. They are both a thriving inspiration within us and our sound.

  • If you could play any festival, which would it be?

Electric Daisy Carnival would be a dream no doubt.

  • How do you get a track started? Tell us a bit about your production process. How long does it take you to complete a track on average and do you ever get writer’s block?

It varies honestly. Sometimes we start with a beat, while other times we prefer to have synth piece, a dreamy type organic pad or a vocal lead the song in and guide the rest of the track. Then there’s also times we just sit on Serum or Phase Plant and mess around and come up with sporadic ideas that lead into the creation of an entire song. On average the rough base of a song will take us about a day to get laid out. The tweaking of sounds, the rest of post production and mastering is what we take our time on. The entire track will probably be finished within a week or two, considering we take breaks in between studio days to not get ear fatigue. We most certainly do get writers block, when this happens to us, we adventure. We go out, hang out with people, meet with friends, go skateboarding, snowboarding, drive around and listen to new found artists music. This helps build momentum and gets the ideas brewing, where we then get back on serum and phase plant and create a handful of new original sounds.

  • Latest track / EP? What are you working on currently? Tell us more!

Our latest remix we have been working on is our remix of Virtual Riot – Remedy ft. Leah Culver. Prior to that we have completed about 15 original  tracks in the past three months that we are deciding on splitting into EP releases, or compiling into an entire album. It will all boil down to what labels are willing to accept from us.

  • The relationship between the audience and the DJ is crucial, and yet it seems to be a fragile one – how do you see the balance between giving the crowd what they want and treating them to something new?

A good performer will certainly feel out a vibe of a show and know when its time to drop a track out this isn’t flowing with the crowd. We definitely see the importance of giving a crowd what they want and this is surely a controversial topic of discussion. We have witnessed both circumstances in a live setting before. We tend to blend the two together, giving an audience a little of our released tracks, some of our I.D.s and mix it all together with songs that they can sing to or know the drops. It definitely helps if your audience knows what is coming through the speakers no doubt, but nothing compares to when you can drop the fader to zero live and the crowd is screaming the words to one of your own songs.

These guys have set the bar high for themselves, accomplishing nothing short of greatness in a very short period of time. Within their first year as AZGARD, they have reigned the Beatport Top 10 Dubstep, Trap & Electro House charts. They have been featured on EDM blogs, Grassroots California, and and recently signed with Firepower Records. AZGARD has performed alongside top tier talent all across the Midwest in regional clubs and festivals. Due to their passion for bass, there is certainty that AZGARD will continue to produce some hefty Trap and Dubstep music. Do not sleep on these guys, for AZGARD is surely a force to be reckoned with.

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