Label Focus – CHAPTERD Recordings by Coen Mulder

CHAPTERD Recordings, established in November 2019, is a new music label and brand. Founder and CEO Coen Mulder, better known as MVLDER, is a producer and DJ who started making music back in 2014. CHAPTERD focuses on the originality and creativity of electronic music. Where a lot of labels are looking for mainstream productions, CHAPTERD is looking for (un)discovered talent that is trying to tell a unique story; “every release is a new chapter in the musical book of CHAPTERD”, MVLDER says. MVLDER felt that his productions didn’t fit any record label most of the time and that is where the idea of CHAPTERD originated from.

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The goal of CHAPTERD is to create a community of artists, who don’t want to be hold back by genres and rules, and to function as a stepping stone towards a professional music artist career. MVLDER has grown a large connection network of artists, promotion companies, designers and more relevant people in the music industry throughout time. With this network, CHAPTERD Recordings is growing and developing fast and MVLDER searching for brand new talent every day. CHAPTERD Recordings knows already a music portfolio with a wide variety of styles and mixes. On top of that, a lot of new releases are planned for 2020. Besides releasing music, CHAPTERD is developing a fashion brand with a variety of garments. Furthermore, live mixes get released on Mixcloud through CHAPTERD Epilogue (EP) every month where the artists of CHAPTERD Recordings show off their skills.

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