Nano Records Presents Tongue & Groove Remix Sessions Part 1

One of the most respected psytrance labels in the world, the South-African-UK based Nano Records has some of the most popular artists on their roster and now they and others have come together to celebrate Tongue & Groove`s creativity.

British duo Tongue & Groove, formed by Jake Ainley and Ric Featherstone, is well known for their combination of Progressive, Techno and Psychedelic Trance. With their songs Immersed in Goa Trance, they actually deliver a new sound that both captures the best of that epic era with a new and exotic twist that could be best described as psychedelic techno. In 2018 Tongue & Groove’s  album “Midnight Madness” hit #1 in the psytrance, techno and progressive house Beatport charts and have had many top 10 releases such as the Interceptor EP, Amnesiak EP, The Overlords – Sundown (T&G remix) and Funkslutz EP.

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Now Tongue & Groove launches their new series of REMIX SESSIONS, alternating from trance to techno for each release throughout 2020. The first was released on Monday, March 23rd, and has 3 delightful remixes of their music done by Christopher Lawrence, Mandala and Yestermorrow reworking the Tongue & Groove sounds into completely fresh and exciting sonic delights.

USA based Trance pioneer, Christopher Lawrence, blows the roof off with a high energy dance floor anthem in his epic style for the remix of `Dawn Of The Heads’. Mandala taken  the original parts of `Extra Sensory Perversion` and weirds them all out into a rolling, tripped out journey with lashings of funk that would make James Brown proud! Last but not least, portuguese party monsters, Yestermorrow, bring a deep, slow and bubbly groovefest to their remix, moulding their sounds smoothly in amongst the original `Breaking The Cycle` to create a match made in wobbly psychedelic trip.

What’s coming next? Tongue & Groove Remix Part 2 will include techno remixes made by Gaudi, Jossie Telch and Luis M. Many other artists are scheduled to participate in this series such as Tristan, Ajja, GMS, Earthspace, Waio, James Monro, Kleiman  and many others. Besides Tongue and Groove are also cooking a new track to be released on Matsuri Records; a remix of Prana -Boundless, an EP on Nano Records and a release on Grasshopper Records.