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There have been few times in the history of humankind that a single song can shake the very foundation of our psyches on a molecular level- while instantaneously eviscerating all forms of undergarments on the dance floor. Box of Cats all-stars Kyle Watson and The Sponges have done just that. ‘The Ratchet Express’ combines Kyle’s eclectic musical brilliance with The Sponges love of funky obscure-sample chopping. The two artists have successfully blended their styles perfectly for a record so innovative, so funky, and so downright dirty that it is actually known to produce unexpected spontaneous orgasms for listeners everywhere.

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The Ratchet Express’ is more than a song. It marks a moment in time in which an undisputed electronic music legend teams up with the hot new kids on the block. Kyle Watson is one of the fathers of Box of Cats, and The Sponges are the labels favorite son. Like Batman and Robin, Han Solo and Chewbacca, or Mario and Luigi- this is a combination that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

It is truly remarkable to see Kyle Watson continue to be one of the most versatile and skilled producers in the game, and equally astonishing to watch The Sponges continue pushing their funky style into new territories with every release. Its two electronic names with incredible artistic prowess and unhinged forward thinking mindsets shining together in one magical sonic experience.

The Box of Cats family couldn’t be more excited to present this one. This track is what we in the music industry refer to as “a classic ass heady jam that literally everyone with a pair of ears will love passionately”. This shit slaps. All aboard for “The Ratchet Express”!

Kyle Watson & The Sponges – ‘The Ratchet Express’ is OUT NOW! via Box of Cats


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