Konundrum Drops House Inspired New Single ‘Get It’

United States Dj / Producer Konundrum Drops House Inspired New Single ‘Get It’ and we at UFO Network can’t get enough!

“When I made this track, I was listening to a ton of house music. One night I got really inspired, got out of bed and gathered all my ideas. About a month later, it came to life.”

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“I first began my music journey at Ferris State University when I bought my first small controller in 2013 in my freshman year of college. At the time, I just did small little gatherings in my dorm lobby as “DJ Basshead”. Not too long after I started, I got into electronic music and learned how to mix. In 2016, I started my path as a producer and adopted the name “Konundrum”.

“Later on, I started DJing bigger events such as big fraternity parties, throwing a huge halloween themed rave with a couple of friends of mine, being local support two years in a row for a show at Ferris State with big Michigan EDM artists like Nortroniks and Marcutio, to becoming resident DJ at my local bar/club. In December 2018, I released my first Moombahton EP, “Who is Konundrum”. In the start of 2019, I was signed to an independent label based in Detroit, MI called SKWAD Records. I started to play in bigger areas such as Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Traverse City. I love to mix house, trap, dubstep, and moombahton!”

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Konundrum – ‘Get It’ is OUT NOW!