Boston Bun’s Label – Circa ’99 Releases Brand New Single from Samaran ‘Allo’

French producer & DJ SAMARAN burst onto the scene in late 2018 with global anthem ‘PARIS MADNESS’. Catching the ears of DJ’S such as ANNIE MAC, MARY ANN HOBBS, TOM RAVENSCROFT, & BREAKBOT  among many others it has accumulated north of 1.2 MILLION STREAMS on Spotify alone.

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As the alias of producer / engineering extraordinaire ETIENNE, who has worked with greats such as label head BOSTON BUN, BUSY P & DOMBRESKYSAMARAN does not disappoint with his latest offering – ALLO’. The addictive synths and simple, crisp percussion keep your attention throughout when merged with the familiar tones and beeps of telephones, as he puts it:

‘Allo is a simple track made around the simple idea: keep it simple. Just one idea built around the toy phone with the only wish to make people dance and smile.’

The single comes with an equally captivating video from director CEDRIC LEGRAND, who personifies the telephone theme and entrancing nature of the track.

SAMARAN blends old school sampling techniques and vintage sounds with real drums and a modern sensibility, finding a way to keep the best of the original house sound alive and modernise it for today’s clubs.

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‘There are calls that one cannot resist. By answering a phone call, three characters get thrown into an alternative state. One that subjects them entirely to the relentless pulse of the kick. Enslaved to the banging energy of the track, our characters stroll lifelessly down the streets of London, guided by a malevolent guru. ‘’Allo’’ talks about losing your own agency to something innocent and playful on the outside, but vicious on the inside. It stages the last moments of tension before one decides against one’s own reason – In our case, to answer the phone. The atmosphere is tense and the visual effects throw you deep into the uncanny valley. ‘’Allo’’ defines a visual universe for Samaran, a world that feels familiar yet awkward, featuring a brutally simplistic narrative that combines an unsettling metaphor with a touch of humour. A simple idea which translates the wicked energy of the track into a striking visual concept.’ – Cédric Legrand (Video Director)

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