Shaney Poo Release New Single “Back Then Back When” Featuring Zakiyyah

The song “Back Then Back When” is the third single from the album “Mr Shane”. The song speaks about how much life has changed from our childhood to our adulthood. It shows even though life, relationships and our interest have evolved as we’ve grown.. .the bond and memories we’ve shared will always be cherished forever.

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Shane Alexander is # Haitian-American artist, producer and performer from
Boston, MA. His family g#ve him the nickname Shaney Poo when he was a
b#by. He makes music based on his life experiences #nd his own imagination.
Growing up in the tough neighborhoods of Boston, Shane threw house parties
with his friends to earn money, but soon he discovered both the highs and lows of
what city life had to offer, so he sought a new direction in life: a life in the music
world. Fueled by his vision, in 2015 he started B.L.A.C Pop Music an acronym for
“Becuz Love Always Conquers”.

It’ serves as an imprint, a creative philosophy and
a growing unique music collective. That same year in 2015 he released his first
official project “Touch By An Angel” a combin#tion of different recorded material
from Pop, RnB and Rap inspired music. The project was accompanied by music
videos for songs “Been Lovin U” & ” Girl Next Door”, but that was only the
beginning for Shane. In 2018 he collaborated with Grammy nomitated beat maker
K.E On The Track on the concept EP “Club Shane”.

The five song EP is a concept
loosely based on Shane’s own experiences of young delinquent fun and self rediscovery. Things changed later that year when Shane experienced many
personal setbacks from heartbreak and even the loss of loved ones. So on his
latest album “Mr Shane” he displays genuine growth and a message of hope of a
better world. Mr Shane is completely produced or co-produced by Shane
sampling Zouk and Konpa music


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