Lulleaux Releases New Mesmerizing Double “Missing You and “Sober” [LISTEN]


Whether you’re feeling frisky or lovesick this summer, Lulleaux has you covered with not one but two new tracks, “Sober” and “Missing You.” Out on Be Yourself, the dual release showcases Lulleaux‘s exploration of vocal-heavy tracks and chill, melodic basslines to create two complementary but different vibes. “Sober” is an enchanting tale of liquor-fueled hookups bastioned by sultry, empowered vocals, accented by muted instrumentals and a deep house bassline.

This is a track that is a bit different and more experimental than the tracks that I recently dropped. The instrumental stays calm while the vocal makes it catchy as hell,”

Conversely, “Missing You” delivers rhythmic basslines and sweeping synths, featuring emotive vocals by NEIMY that set a wistful yet hopeful mood. Lulleaux weaves in his signature deep house melodies throughout, though it’s clear that he’s not putting his sound in a box.

I hate musical boundariesFor me, it’s all about good vibes and melodies.”

The “Sober” and “Missing You” dual release follows Lulleaux‘s recent “You Look Like (Sex),” a fun and airy tune that will put you in just the right mood to approach that attractive stranger at your next festival.

Listen To “Missing You

Listen To “Sober

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Lulleaux‘s melodic touch and captivating productions have made him a Spotify sensation, with 1.9 million monthly listeners on his profile, and over 25 million streams on his track “Contact.” The young Dutch producer is also multi-talented: he earned his masters degree in university and had a successful business as an entrepreneur before turning to music full-time, at the insistence of his friends to share his productions with the world. Fortunately, he obliged, and listeners and industry taste-makers alike fell in love with his signature sound.

From his originals like “Contact,” “All the Kids,” and “Fade into the Sun,” to remixes for Rita Ora and Benny Benassi and even movie soundtracks, Lulleaux is taking the electronic music world by storm. He’s released on both major and indie labels such as Epic Amsterdam and Dirty Soul, and received support from heavyweights Pete Tong. Connect with this talented producer below and stay up-to-date with the latest!

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