Talented UK Duo THAT KIND Release Brand New EP “Through The Night” [LISTEN]


The UFO Network have been anticipating the release of THAT KIND‘S new EP “Through The Night”  for some time now and are excited to bring this stunning release to you! The allure of UK act THAT KIND stems not only from the ambient – even haunting – sound that they’ve been busy creating on debut EP “Through the Night”, but also from their status as one of very few boy/girl electronic duos out there. There’s an undeniable uniqueness about them; an originality that underpins their evocative new release.

  THAT KIND - Backroads - Silence - Watching You - Through The Night       THAT KIND - Backroads - Silence - Watching You - Through The Night

‘Through the Night’ proves that spacious beats and crisp, crystal clear vocals make for memorable results. It is a three-track slab of brooding, pulsing electronica: that is the blueprint. The EP is the sonic equivalent of being outdoors, alone, in the small hours; there’s a distinct eeriness to it, but also a sense of exhilaration. “Backroads” might be an exercise in minimalism during its verses, but when the chorus kicks in and the vocals sit atop a thudding, danceable beat, the deliciously atmospheric sound is sprinkled with a catchiness that’s hard to resist. Check out “Backroads” below:

Finger clicks turns to handclaps on “Silence”, a rumbling track that delivers melancholy and vibrancy in equal measure.

Meanwhile, production on “Watching You” – which includes faraway voices and the wail of sirens – almost guarantees an unsettled feeling. The song successfully adds to the EP’s dark landscape; sparse and melodic, it conjures up the feeling of being the only car on the road long after the sun has gone down.

THAT KIND have designed “Through the Night” to sound at once dark and energetic. The simplicity and roominess of the songs offerup a mysterious edge, but the squelchy synth sounds, with some retro tones thrown in, still work to create a vivacity. Hips can still sway and arms can still flail to the intense beats and the percussion that thunders triumphantly beneath the surface. The pair themselves are shrouded in ambiguity. They are a boy/girl DJ duo – a set-up that isn’t often observed in this industry – hailing from Scotland, but, in the absence of more personal information, what can be concluded is this: THAT KIND know how to create rhythmic, atmospheric sounds perfect for moving or sitting still. These are moody, visceral soundscapes.

THAT KIND - Backroads - Silence - Watching You - Through The Night

Follow THAT KIND on the socials below and stay up-to-date with the latest in new music. This is an act you most certainly wanna keep on that music-radar, definitely a name that we will be seeing more of in the very near future!

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THAT KIND - Backroads - Silence - Watching You - Through The Night

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